CM2010 - Kasparov Expert Chess Computer

CM2010 Kasparov Expert Chess Computer
Saitek's strongest and most sophisticated electronic chess computer and superbly built machine. The Mephisto Expert Travel Chess Computer (considered both hand held and desktop - its both portable and can sit on a desk) has a particularly high standard of quality in the build and is Saitek's strongest computer. Strength combined with many advanced software features makes this the ultimate compact computer available for anyone up to the expert chess player at senior tournament level. High quality peg style plug-in with advanced software technology and revolutionary processor chip. Brilliantly designed with good sized easy-to-see pieces. Display gives user selectable info incl. analysis, hints and evaluation of position etc. Plus coaching feature. 6,000 position database opening book. 230x182mm (9 inch x 7 inch) overall, playing area 112x112mm (4.5 inches square). Estimated rating 175 BCF/2000 Elo (unless you're Kasparov you won't beat it's strongest settings! If you are Kasparov, pop in and give us some training...). Just needs four regular AA Batteries.

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ChessBaron is genuinely committed to a high quality hand carved product. Chess Sets like this, of this level of quality are becoming rarer and rarer in this commoditized world. It's just too tempting to give in to the short term desire for profit and so to skimp on materials to make the item less expensive, cutting this corner and shaving that edge. ChessBaron is making profit too, but we intend to be around for your children and your grandchildren, serving them as we wish to serve you, with integrity, honesty and pride.

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