TH2016 - Battle of Hastings Chess Set

TH2016 Battle of Hastings Chess Set
A157. Heavy Weighted in Crushed Stone. King Size 4.5 inches
This ChessBaron offering is a set of chess pieces that represent the two opposing armies in the most famous battle fought on English soil. Harold, the English King leads his Saxon forces against the invading William, Duke of Normandy. It altered the course of English history from 1066 onwards. The amazing detail created by our sculptors is richly displayed in this historic chess set. This superb set has been a favourite since its introduction in regular brown and ivory finish. Note: Board is a selectable optional extra below.

Recommended Board B2060
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ChessBaron is genuinely committed to a high quality hand carved product. Chess Sets like this, of this level of quality are becoming rarer and rarer in this commoditized world. It's just too tempting to give in to the short term desire for profit and so to skimp on materials to make the item less expensive, cutting this corner and shaving that edge. ChessBaron is making profit too, but we intend to be around for your children and your grandchildren, serving them as we wish to serve you, with integrity, honesty and pride.

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