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X2011 - Exotic Christina Chess Set in Camel Bone

X2011 Exotic Christina Chess Set in Camel Bone
King Height 3.8 inch. Base Diameter 1.25 inch. Weight 47g. Board needs 1.75" squares.
This luxury chess set is similar to the Kings Cross but a little more ornate and exotic. The set has a distinct appeal and is very detailed in it's markings. The material is camel bone - the distinction of this material results in an admirable luxury chess set. The King is 3.75 inch high and the pieces have a good natural weighting to them. The design of the rook in this luxury chess set is especially noteworthy with a gradient on the torso that is well proportioned and attractive, with much detail. The pieces also have bases fitted with felt. The exotic is a good example of luxury chess sets. Expect some imperfections on genuine bone chess sets, wear amd scars from bone mark the material as authentic from the real product - real bone, rather like a sea pearl against a cultured pearl. The board for this set should have squares 1.75 inch, of which we have a good selection in the boards section

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ChessBaron is genuinely committed to a high quality hand carved product. Chess Sets like this, of this level of quality are becoming rarer and rarer in this commoditized world. It's just too tempting to give in to the short term desire for profit and so to skimp on materials to make the item less expensive, cutting this corner and shaving that edge. ChessBaron is making profit too, but we intend to be around for your children and your grandchildren, serving them as we wish to serve you, with integrity, honesty and pride.

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