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decorative chess pieces in shiloutte form
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Chess, Checkers and Backgammon 8 inches (BG2001)

7.75 inches square when openedMedium Backgammon, Chess and draughts combined. Measures 7.75 inches by 3.75 inches when closed, and obviously 7.75 inches square when opened. Play chess or backgammon or checkers.…

RRP $99.00$69.00


Manopoulos Backgammon - in Walnut with Black and Oak Points - 20in (BG2024)

20in x 19in Opened. Walnut Veneer. Rich Wooden LustreThe Backgammon community knows the crisp sound of vocalising the name of the famous Backgammon manufacturer - Manopoulos. A beautifully finished Backgammon set made in Greece by th…

RRP $139.00$99.00


Manopoulos Backgammon - in Mahogany with Wenge and Oak Points - 24in (BG2025)

60cm (24in) x 47cm (19in). Mahogany Veneer. Rich Wooden LustreA Manopoulos winner! Mahogany full size backgammon set with beautiful mother-of-pearl effect stones (pieces), presented in a luxury overall package. The points are in wenge and oak…

RRP $195.00$169.00


Manopoulos Backgammon - Olive Burl - Wenge and Mahogany Points - 24in (BG2028)

60cm (24in) x 47cm (19in). Olive Burl. Wenge and Mahogany PointsAnother winner from the Greek - the skilled manufacturer Manopoulos. So beautiful - but you can't just stare - you have to play the game. Beautiful cabinet made in Olive Burl wood …

RRP $295.00$199.00


Manopoulos Backgammon - Black Oak - Red Burl and Grey Points - 24in (BG2029)

60cm (24in) x 47cm (19in). Black Oak with Red Burl and Grey PointsStunning excellence from the Greek world famous manufacturer. Black with beautifully contrasting Red and Grey points. The remarkable quality stones are also perfectly coloured to r…

RRP $295.00$199.00