Chess Set Piece Metrics

We believe that accurate information will assist your selection. So to help with this we have a metric called 'Balance'. This is described below. Many sets will have this measurement defined which is a measure of it's quality. Read on...

The Meaning of 'Balance'

When balanced horizontally on a finger, at what point is the piece balanced without falling to one side? This point has as significance on the quality of the piece - although not comprehensively. Ebony is more dense than Rosewood and rosewood is more dense than Sheeshamwood and Boxwood. The balance depends on a number of factors. The weighting is the first factor and the wood used is another. If the set is made from onyz or metal, it obviously affects the balance. For a luxury chess set a good quality balance will be somewhere between 12% and 29% depending on the material and stated weighting, standard, double or triple.

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