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decorative chess pieces in shiloutte form
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Chess Case 21 inch x 21 inch x 3 inch in Leather (C2008)


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Large flat leather chess case for larger pieces with compartments for each piece. This case can accomodate a 6 inch King if necessary. Each piece fits into it's own component and the top gives the case a snug luxury fit to prevent any piece to piece contact or falling out - there's enough falling out between the chess pieces on the chessboard - right? The case is a slimline case with a sturdy handle and excellent construction measuring just over 20 inches by 20 inches. Sets with double Queens can have the queens (or bishops) top to toe and still fit well in the compartments. Don't put the queen and king top to toe or you might end up with more pieces than you want or can afford. Never put opposing queens top to toe - that can get real nasty! The weight of the case is 3.2 kg.

Weight of 4kg