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decorative chess pieces in shiloutte form
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Frank Lloyd Wright Midway Gardens Chess Set (TH2079)



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These set pieces, authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, are adaptations of various larger than life size sculptures designed for Midway Gardens. This city block dedicated to entertainment was demolished in 1929, but the sculptures were saved by the demolition contractor and studied and photographed to be sculpted and approved for these hand finished chess pieces. With their textured "patina" the King and Queen both stand proudly at 5" tall. All the pieces are based on sculptures, pillars and light fixtures that held court around the Midway Gardens complex, and represent Frank Lloyd Wright's Chicago from 1913-1929. What a great gift for the architect in your life.....or those that appreciate these architectural beauties. - Best suited to a 2" square chess board. A suitable storage box is included.

King Height 5 inch.