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Chess Boards

Solid Wood & Beautiful

Superb solid boards worthy of your excellent set of chess pieces! Our boards are solid - not veneer. They'll last a generation and more. But the best thing about a solid chess board is the way it ages - gracefully. The boards generally look better after a few years than when new. That just one of the benefits of buying a solid wooden ChessBaron chess board.

We hope you find an appropriate selection in this range. The boards in the luxury category (the bottom few) are really the best available and are quite wonderful - even difficult to convey by two dimensional photographs.

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Solid Wood Folding Chess Board with 1.75 inch Squares (B2002)

Folded size 18 inch x 9 inch. 1.75 inch squares. Weight 1.1kg (2 lb 5 oz)The 1.75 inch size of the above foldup board. ChessBaron is proud to offer a folding board that looks like a luxury board, but can conveniently be taken along for that 'game on the…

RRP $169.00$119.00


Chess Board High Quality Flat Solid Sheesham with 2 inch Squares (B1003)

Size 18 inch x 18 inch. 2 inch squares. Weight 2kgAnother in our series of non-veneer chess boards - this excellent 2 inch squares flat board is a superb solid wood product suitable for any of our economy and mid-range chess sets.…

RRP $229.00$149.00


Solid Sheesham Luxury Chess Board with 2.15 inch Squares (B2003)

Flat sheesham size 20 inch x 20 inch. 2.1 inch squares. Weight 4kg.A two inch squares version of this excellent distinctive chess board in genuine and solid sheesham wood - not veneer, this is solid sheesham! Very good quality thick and heavy ches…

RRP $295.00$195.00


Superb BONE Chess Board - Black and White 1.9 inch Squares (B4003)

Size 18 inch x 18 inch 1 inch thick. 1.9 inch squares. 3.8kg WeightA pure bone colonial style board made for bone and metal sets. This board is very heavy and looks superb with it's detailed bone material. Some bone chess pieces don't quite look r…

RRP $295.00$199.00