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Chess Boxes

& Board Covers

Here are some excellent cases that will enhance your beautiful chess pieces. These chess boxes are sturdy, high quality constructions that will not only care for your chess set but also look great.

The chess boxes shown here are for sale as products and they come as recommended options with most chess sets we sell. They are made from a variety of products - wood, vinyl and leather with various amounts of felt and leather involved. Buy a chess box that will endure with the chess set.

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Natural Wood Chess Box 10 X 7 X 4 inches (C2011)

Constructed in natural pine wood this pine chess box exudes quality and robust construction. The set is suitable for sets with a 4 inch chess king or less and measures 10 inches X …

RRP $79.00$59.00


Solid Sturdy Sliding Cover Chess Box (C2013)

A good sized economy chess box for safe storage of chess pieces. The size of the box is 11 inch X 5 inch X 5 inch. The weight of the chess box is just over 1 kg. The box will be la…

RRP $79.00$59.00


Leatherette Fawn Chess Box 10 inch x 7 inch x 4 inch (C2017)

A leatherette protective chess box for chess pieces. The has beautiful colouring, lots of space and is very well constructed with high quality material. It has buttons as high qual…

RRP $109.00$79.00


Chess Case in Leather - Double Queens 4.25 to 4.75 inch King (C2003)

Double Queens: Pure leather chess box for luxury chess sets with 4.25 inch Kings. Indendations made for each piece, nestled in silk. Any luxury chess set will feel pampered and sec…

RRP $229.00$169.00


Tray Style Large Leather Chess Box for 6 inch Kings (C2023)

Double Queens: Leather chess case for 6 inch Kings in luxury chess sets. Indendations made for each piece, nestled in soft fabric. Any luxury chess set will feel pampered and secur…

RRP $219.00$169.00