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Digital Chess

We've been selling chess computers and electronic chess for many years, and the latest crop are the best we've seen. The development of computer technology has allowed superb development in one of the disciplines that has always been at the forefront of computing: CHESS.

You might have to sit down before noticing the price of the Revelation line of chess computers - but everyone that's had them sees why they carry this price tag - and that they're worth every cent...

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The Aristotle Hand Held Chess Computer (CM2028)

ELO 2600 Max, Portrait or Landscape, Screen 6inch x 3.4inch Rechargable.The Aristotle tablet hand held chess computer is the jewell in the crown of electronic chess. It is a superb high-spec tablet touch screen chess computer exclusively from ChessBaro…

RRP $195.00$149.00


DGT Centaur Chess Computer (CM2033)

DGT New Auto Sensory Chess Computer. 18 x 16 inch. 1.9 inch squaresThe new DGT adaptive intelligent Chess Computer. The Centaur automatically adapts the strength level according to who is playing. With the sensor board you can simply move pieces i…

RRP $495.00$395.00


Chess Computer - The King Performance (CM2034)

Square Size 4cm (1.6in). Playing Area 32cm (13in). Whole Board Size 43cm (17in) x 39cm (15in)The new chess computer by German manufacturer Millennium. Light comfortable press-sensory real wood board with real wood chess pieces and a natural feel to the game. Each square ha…

RRP $595.00$495.00