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Childrens Sets

Chess for Children

Children and chess go together! Teaching children to play chess at a young age helps them to learn game strategy and may lead to their involvement in chess clubs and tournament play. Teach them responsibility...

Once they have learned to play, trying to beat a particular player can become an absorbing and fascinating challenge for the mind. Chess remains one of the greatest and most satisfying boardgames in the world! May we suggest larger, recognizable chess pieces that are also durable, such as...

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Concave Staunton Chess Set (E2004)

Black. King Height 3.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.25 inch. Slight Weighting at 42g.Such an attractive set! The rook as shown in the chess set here is very attractive in design. The King is 3.5 inch high and the pieces are made from sheesham and chidar, woods priz…

RRP $79.00$59.00


Cute Weighted Staunton chess Pieces (E2006)

King Height 3.5 inches, Double WeightedClassic staunton chess set with especially cute knight design - feels great in your hand. The set is made from sheesham wood and carved with good detail in the pieces. The chess se…

RRP $79.00$59.00


Chunky Staunton - Double Weighted Chess Men (E2007)

King Diameter 1.4", King Height 3.75"A superb chunky set of chess pieces. Love me love my double weighted Knight! This set is just right for a friendly game of chess. This set is made from Sheesham and Chidar wood. Sh…

RRP $99.00$79.00


Staunton Popular Double Weighted Chess Set (E2009)

King Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Double WeightedFew double weighted chess sets can be purchased for this price. With a king weighing 88g the pieces are high in quality and rare at this price. The pieces are made in Chidar and Ro…

RRP $129.00$89.00


American Staunton chess set with 3.75 inch King (E2010)

Board needs 1.75" squares.This chess set is an American style design. Made in Sheesham wood and Chidar wood the king for this set is a generous 3.75 inches high. The detail is crafted to high standards with…

RRP $119.00$89.00


Triple Weighted Millenium Fret Tower Chess Set (M2013)

Board needs 1.75" squares. King Height 4". King Weight 70gAmazing chess design - superb weighting and presence. The Millenium Chess pieces take the Staunton style and give it a tweak. The chess pieces are robust and have an excellence of …

RRP $159.00$99.00


Beautiful 10 inch X 10 inch Mobile Combo Board and Chess Pieces (M2016)

King Height 2.25 inch, Individual Squares are 1 inchThis travel chess set is very good value - having very thick wooden casing and good quality chess men. It has a highly glossed surface with lovely high quality chess pieces. The pi…

RRP $159.00$99.00


American Staunton in Black-Red Gloss Chess Set (M2009)

King Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Heavily Weighted 70g. Board needs 1.75" squares.A highly glossed set of unusual chess pieces - looks good with the high gloss boards in our range. The pieces are well crafted and highly polished to bring out the light and to bec…

RRP $159.00$119.00


Magnetic Luxury Travel Chess Set with Board (M2023)

An exceptional travel magnetic chess set with a King at 2.5 inch high and a total weight of 1.9kg. The set measures 12 inch x 12 inch and is 1.6 inch thick. The set has an internal…

RRP $169.00$119.00


Highest Quality 16 inch Weighted Chess Set with Board and Cabinet (M2094)

King Height 3 inch Base Diameter 1.3 inches. WeightedSuperb high quality stripped sheesham combination chess set. That means you get the pieces, box to keep them in each with their own space, and the board, which is the cabinet itsel…

RRP $189.00$129.00


Highest Quality Full Size Combination Chess Set (M2032)

King Height 4 inch. Square Size 2 inch. Double WeightedDouble Queen Combination Chess Set. If you're looking for a high quality full size combo chess set - look no further. This is our best combination chess set (combination in that th…

RRP $229.00$169.00