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High quality Theme chess sets that are hand decorated in the UK. Collectible and discerning as a purchase, these sets of chess figures are timeless and classic. They'll appreciate over time and we expect to see many in future runs of Antique Roadshows. At least, our Granchildren will.

You'll find the chess pieces suprisingly robust and resistant to damage from accidents!

From the Isle of Lewis to the American War of Independence

The purchase of a plain or hand painted theme chess set from ChessBaron is a discerning purchase. A china ornament is just a china ornament - a finely detailed theme chess set with some historical object such as The War of Independence or The American Civil War is much more. A purchaser clearly needs something more thought provoking than a plate ornament, something that recalls something of importance. The theme chess set industry has a strong history - SAC and Mascott chess sets are at the forefront of the genre.

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Mascott Chess - Golf Hand Painted Chess Set (ST2011)

Heavy Weighted in Crushed Marble. King Height 5 inches, Diameter 2.2 inches, Weighted at 195gAn amazing reduction to only $169! Exquisitly hand painted Golf themed chess set. A special commission to the British sculpture Peter Calvesbert - this chess set is a portrayal of …

RRP $695.00$169.00


Battle of Trafalgar Hand Painted Chess Set (TH2062)

A193S. Heavy Weighted in Crushed Stone. King Size 5.5 inchesThe hand painted version of the battle of trafalgar. Very fitting as a theme for a chess set, Trafalgar was one of the most decisive naval battles ever fought. In the course of a s…

RRP $595.00$395.00