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Chess Sets

This is our range of superb travel (magnetic or pegged) chess sets - so that you can play the game of kings on the move. Note the chess board quality in the sets. Some of the travel sets have wonderful thick boards.

Make sure when you are comparing prices that you compare the quality too. The quality of the sets are outstanding and are a perfect compliment to that staunton luxury chess set you have in the lounge. The pegged travel chess sets are great too.

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Magnetic Lacquered 6 inch x 12 inch Chess Pieces and Board (M2015)

MagneticA beautiful thick sheeshamwood travel set of chess pieces, the board is particularly high in quality and the chess pieces equally high in craft quality. Funny - the board can be ti…

RRP $139.00$99.00


Beautiful 10 inch X 10 inch Mobile Combo Board and Chess Pieces (M2016)

King Height 2.25 inch, Individual Squares are 1 inchThis travel chess set is very good value - having very thick wooden casing and good quality chess men. It has a highly glossed surface with lovely high quality chess pieces. The pi…

RRP $159.00$99.00


Magnetic Chess Set with Moon Drawers 9 inches Round (T2014)

9in Diameter. Solid Wood. Beautiful ProductThis innovative travel chess set measures 9 inches diameter with the drawers folded in. It's called 'Moon Drawers' - you can see why. The drawers come out of the sides - the engine…

RRP $89.00$89.00


Weebles No Wobble - Tiny Combination Chess Set (E2021)

Case 8.5 inches Square. King 1.6 inches High, King Weigth 10gConstructed in Golden Rosewood, this set is so cute. The weebles wobble but don't fall down. Every little piece can be made almost horizontal, but just springs back into place. The…

RRP $119.00$79.00


Magnetic Polished 5 x 10 inch Chess Pieces and Board (T2020)

10 inch x 5 inch MagneticReduced size of the M2015 - a beautiful thick sheeshamwood travel set of chess pieces, the board is particularly thick and the chess pieces equally good quality. The board can be t…

RRP $149.00$79.00


Quality Magnetic Chess Set 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches (T2010)

Magnetic chess set with internal sliding drawer. Our magnetic sets have come a long way in the last few years. This compact little magnetic chess set is really super. Such tiny but…

RRP $79.00$49.00


Compact magnetic board and piece chess set (E2005)

5 inches by 2.5 inches High Quality MagneticLacquered finish chess set 2.5-inch by 5-inch with integral compartment to hold exquisite pieces. The board is high gloss with well crafted pieces that have a good quality implicit…

RRP $49.00$39.00


Round Travel Chess Set 6 inches Diameter (T2008)

Six inch travel chess set with particular appeal through the design. The pieces sit upon a lovely platform and the taken pieces stored into the travel chess set lid. And in case so…

RRP $49.00$39.00


Round Travel Chess Set 4 inches Diameter (T2002)

Four inch diameter travel chess set with delightful little pieces, and I mean, little. The chess pieces sit upon a nice little platform and the taken pieces - hopefully those of yo…

RRP $39.00$29.00