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    Margaret Anne Knight 3 inch King Ebony Chess Set (X2001)

    This chess set is the ebony version of the above. The detail in the pieces is to a very high quality and there is abundant attention to detail by the craftsman. Ebony is the slightly more sought after wood, but many prefer the golden colors of the bud rosewood - we have both ...

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    LARGE Lotus Carved Bud Rosewood Chess Set (X2003)

    A twist on the Staunton design - this luxury chess set has incredible quality detail. The king is slim but tall measuring over 5.5 inches in height. The traditional staunton is taken at base and resembled at the top, with an innovative and intricate mid section to bring ...

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    Carved Chamfered Base in Rosewood Staunton Chess Set (X2004)

    A well weighted luxury chess set with beautiful detail given to the carving of each member of the set. The knight reflects great detail and attention in the face - revealing the teeth, the muscles, even the eyes. In the range of luxury chess sets - the rosewood chamfered ...

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    Margaret Anne Ebony Staunton 3.5 inch King Chess Set (X2005)

    This luxury set is the pure Ebony version of the Margaret Anne, beautiful and well defined - triple weighted and double Queened. The grace and majesty is carried through the design. Staunton at it's finest.

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    Sinead Staunton Chess Pieces in Bud Rosewood (X4014)

    The Rosewood version of the Sinead. Wonderful colouring, great example of luxury chess sets. The lines for the chess pieces in the set are classsic and finely defined for lasting great looks. The weighting feels just perfect. We love the perspective of the mane against the ...

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    Contemporary Staunton, Rosewood Triple Weight, Felted Chess Pieces (XX2009)

    The lines of this grade one Rosewood triple weight chess set design is a outstanding feature Henry Moore would have been proud of. Chess sets such as this are works of art and will appreciate over time. The King is well sized at over 4 inches. The Queen has a sister for when ...

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    Old Deuteronomy Triple Weighted Felted Ebony Staunton Chess Pieces (X2035)

    Until we get a lawsuit from Lloyd Webber, this amazing design is called Old Deuteronomy. Oooh, that Knight looks so clean. We usually love to see teeth, but this chess set design looks so perfect. Old Deuteronomy has lost all his teeth, but looks pretty pristine for it. ...

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    The Ashia in Ebony Triple Weight Chess Pieces (X2042)

    Ebony version of The Ashia. Staunton with a poise that is nothing short of dramatic. The traditional ebony is challenged by the knight's position with a result that works. How can you accept a standard staunton after seeing this one? Triple weighted, leather bottoms and ...

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    1850 Staunton in Ebony Chess Set (X2016)

    NEW! Special edition pure Ebony chess set with superb balance, superb weighting and superb detail. The 1850 series is specially made in commemoration of Howard Staunton's original staunton design which has been the standard traditional design ever since. A wonderful set of ...

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    Baggio Staunton in Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces (X2053)

    NEW! Staunton as a work of art! A mane for the knight that gives life to the piece and it's entourage. Whilst the knight takes the limelight, the other pieces are also magnificent. The King even has a set of different crosses that can be changed as desired. Carved with skill ...

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    Alexander the Great in Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces (X3054)

    Another staunton work of art in pure grade one Bud Rosewood, with a Knight that is outstanding, graceful, elegant and delightfully different. This set was designed for the chess olympiad in Turin. Comes in a included in the price with each piece having it's own home within. ...

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