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    George and the Dragon Theme Chess Set (ST2025)

    Evoking a light hearted view of the legend of St. George, the characters are unusual and fun. However, when sculpted by the recognised sculpture John Pickering, the set has significant enduring value. Each pawn on the dragon's side has the dragon making faces at the ...

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    Mascott Chess – New York Limited Edition Chess Set (ST2012)

    Made in England, specially for New Yorkers. 'And now for something completely different'. This limited edition chess set depicts New York in all glory - cops, the Manhatten skyline, buildings, cabs, cras, police horses and of course, the Statue of Liberty. Very unusual ...

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    Mascott Chess – Lord of the Rings Chess Pieces (ST2032)

    Large chess set celebrating the Lord of the Rings in chess form. Look at the remarkable detail in these figures - and with a King almost 7 inches high. The nose, eyes, mouth and expression are captured for each piece by this celebrated sculpture Dennis Fairweather. Bravo - ...

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