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We love Staunton because we are chess purists, and play the game regularly. These are, we believe, the finest chess sets available in the world with beautiful styling and outstanding quality. They'll last a generation and more.

We hope you enjoyed these more unusual examples of Baron chess sets. If you want to be different - buy an unusual set from the Chess Baron, these are wonderful sets that just say 'discerning' all over them. The detail is similarly strong as the more traditional flavor of chess sets than are available from chess stores in North America - these designs are not generally available from many places - and are therefore especially desirable. We hope you enjoyed the browse, and that you will make a choice for quality - a choice of a Baron.

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Canon Chess Set Sheesham (M2011)

Board needs 1.5" squares.Back to unusual chess sets. Tradition mixed with Innovation and mixed more with Novelty in the Canon chess pieces. The most striking chess piece is the castle with it's classic sha…

RRP $139.00$89.00


Millenium Fret Tower Chess Set (M2013)

Board needs 1.5" to 1.75" squares.An understated example of chess design - see the cute little knight. The Millenium Chess pieces take the Staunton style and give it a tweak. The chess pieces are robust and have an…

RRP $159.00$99.00


The Sebastian in Very Heavy Steel and Copper (X2029)

King Height 4.25 inch. Base Diameter 1.3 inch. Heavily Weighted at 114g. Board needs 1.75" squares.You may have noticed that we dont offer many metal sets. This is because we have scoured the world in an attempt to stand out with a range that is not just large, but also unique a…

RRP $300.00$195.00


Kings Cross Special Chess Set in Camel Bone (X2009)

Bone. King is 1.4" Diameter, 3.75" High. This is a highly desirable luxury chess set. The detail in carving of the camel bone is nothing short of remarkable. The material is difficult to work with and the craftsmen have d…

RRP $295.00$199.00


Contemporary Staunton Rosewood Triple Weight, Felted Chess Pieces (XX2009)

King Height 4.5in. Base Dia 1.8in. Triple Weighted. Single QueensThe lines of this grade one rosewood design is a outstanding feature Henry Moore would have been proud of. Chess sets such as this are works of art and will appreciate over time. T…

RRP $400.00$295.00


The Ultimate Knight Chess Set in Bud Rosewood (X3019)

King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted 127g. Board needs 2" squares.This is the Bud Rosewood version of the Ultimate. This chess set is supplied by Chopra in India who originated this design. Equally beautiful, equally majestic. The golden hues of …

RRP $595.00$395.00


Reproduction Antique Camel Bone John Calvert Chess Set (XX2006)

King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Weighted at 34gOne of the recognised designs of chess sets by John Calvert - slightly weighted as the genre demands. A beautiful bone chess set, a wonderful example of period chess sets. This is …

RRP $600.00$395.00


Ebony Alexander Chess Set (X2054)

King Height 4.25 inch. Base Diameter 1.7 inch. Triple Weighted at 80g. Balance 18%. Case Included. Board needs 2" squares.NEW! Another staunton work of art in pure grade one ebony, with a Knight that is outstanding, graceful, elegant and delightfully different. This set was designed for the chess olym…

RRP $700.00$595.00