Berkeley Chess Ltd – Royal Beasts Chess Set – Ivory and Red




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Made in England by Berkeley Chess Ltd. Best of the range (please don’t say anything to the other Berkeley sets)! Stunning! Made in crushed marble and heavily weighed, this Berkeley chess set is absolutley incredible. In the Autumn of 1952, in preparation for the Queens Coronation, the famous sculptor and Royal Academician James Woodford was called upon to create ten new beasts similar to the Kings Beasts at Hampton Court, these creatures stood six feet high and carved from stone to adorn Westminster Abbey for the event. They too, now reside at Hampton Court. You can have them as a chess set right now.
The Kings are the Lions of England. The Queens are the Unicorn of Scotland. The Knight are the White Horse of Hanover and Yale of Beaufort. The Bishops are the White Lion of Mortimer and Black Bull of Clarence. The Rooks/Castles are the Falcon of the Plantagents and Griffin of Edward III, and the Pawns are the White Greyhound of Richmond and Dragon of Wales.


King Height 5.8" (15cm). King Dia 1.7" (4.3cm). King Weight 243g (9oz)