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    Bauhaus chess Chess Set in Ebony and Maple (M2097)

    A chess set designed in the Bauhaus (pronounce Bow House) design.  Josef Hartwig's chess pieces from 1923 are characterized by clearly reduced forms. It was invented in 1923 and quickly became a classic of its genre. The gait and the value of the individual pieces embody ...

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    The Antiqued Dublin Double Weighted Chess Set (M2110)

    With an antiqued finish, the Dublin is certainly a statement in chess design. A beautiful modern set of chess pieces that feels great and looks amazing. King of 4" Height and 1.4" base diameter, it's both double weighted and double Queened. The Antique finished double ...

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    The Blackmore – Ebony Chess Set (M2106)

    It's rare to find a genuine ebony set of chess pieces at this price. The Blackmore is a rustic chess design, quite broad-based and with a good quality double weighting. Our eye is drawn to the rook with it's contemporary appeal with aesthetic similarities to some of our much ...

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    The Taggart Flag Ebonised Chess Set (M2108)

    Double weighted, felted and ebonized chess set in a modern contemporary style. Every piece is designed in a superior aesthetic way. Smooth, graceful pawns to inspire chess board movement with elegance and beauty. Added weight to the bases gives on board stability. Simply... ...

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    Ebony Chess Board with 2.4in Squares (B2080)

    New! Beautiful solid Ebony chess board with robust finish and contemporary squared edges. The board has a stunning outer rosewood edge. Perfect for ebony chess pieces to sit proudly on its surface. It's made from a tree and isn't machined ...

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    The Cambridge – Ebony Triple Weight Chess (X2100)

    The Cambridge is an Ebony chess set with excellent added weight, felted, Double Queens. It's staunton and carries evidence of a master crafts-person's skill throughout. Every individual piece has the stature that goes with elegance and excellence. Stunning only starts to ...

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    The Mayfield Rosewood Triple Weighted Chess Pieces (M4050)

    This product from Chess Baron: A masterpiece of design, as you can see. Made in the Grade One Rosewood and a heavyweight to boot, the Mayfield is the new addition to the ChessBaron lineup. And what an addition! The design lines of the knight are so eye catching that they'll ...

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