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Magnetic and Pegged Chess Sets for travelling

Travel chess sets have come a long way in the past 20 years. From concept through to the finished quality product Baron’s magnetic chess sets have been perfected. The magnetic or pegged pieces will withstand the rigour of travel whilst staying in place as required.

But a magnetic chess set is a fine product in it’s own right. The boards can be turned upside down, jolted, and the pieces stay in their places. As with all ChessBaron products the quality of each travel chess set is quite exquisite with the prices the lowest available.

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    Highest Quality Magnetic 10in x 5in Chess Set (T2013)

    Now made in Acacia - this is the larger version of the gloss magnetic travel chess sets. We absolutely love this range and recognise the immensely high quality of the pieces and case comprising the board. The gloss on the magnetic chess set board is superb, and the pieces ...

    List: $99.00 $79.00 View
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    Magnetic Lacquered 10 x 5 inch Pieces and Board Chess Set (T2020)

    Reduced size of the M2015 - a beautiful thick sheeshamwood travel set of chess pieces, the board is particularly thick and the chess pieces equally good quality. The board can be tipped upside down, knocked - and the pieces will remain in place, but yet the pieces are easy ...

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    Beautiful 10 inch X 10 inch Chess Pieces with Board Chess Set (M2016)

    This travel chess set is very good value - having very thick wooden casing and good quality chess men. It has a highly glossed surface with lovely high quality chess pieces. The pieces are carved with great attention to detail. They have good magnetism and can easily stay on ...

    List: $159.00 $99.00 View