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The Saitek Advanced Travel Chess Computer is a Peg Sensory powerhouse with an estimated elo rating of 1900. It has a clever combination of electronic chess features tailored to suit anyone from chess beginners to the most accomplished players depending on the level you select. This compact travel Chess computer offers a wide selection of special features designed to enhance your game. You can play Chess on the go from fun levels, club levels, and through to advanced levels. The computer can be used for two humans or for an electronic opponent. It comes with secured peg pieces, LCD display, built-in Chess Clock, a protective cover for your travels and piece storage compartment. Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included). It measures 8 inch x 5? inch x 1? inch & has a 3/8 inch King. Here’s the full spec:

  • 64 playing levels: Beginner, Normal, Training, Tournament, Blitz and Mate Search
  • All Major Opening Systems
  • 30-move Take Back – experiment and learn
  • Info Mode – to see inside the computers mind
  • Position Evaluation Feature
  • Option to Play Against the Computer or Friend
  • Setup Option – to try new positions and moves
  • Sensory Chess Board -easy error free move entry
  • Peg Pieces – secure
  • 4-Digit LCD Display
  • Built-in Chess Clock – sharpen your skills
  • Protective Cover for Your Travels
  • Piece Storage Compartment
  • unfinished game held in memory(up to 30 moves)- pick up where you left off
  • Automatic Power down feature – conserve battery life