German Solid Beech Chess Clock – Four Jewel Movement




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This product from Chess Baron: Free Shipping for UK. The best pick for German quality wooden clocks in this price range. Solid Beech, jewelled movement, wooden tournament clock with high quality buttons. Looks like a Garde clock, uses the same movement as Garde, and at half the Garde price. Very reliable, robust German made clock and like German cars – made with quality components to last. Engineered for reliability. Mechanical, so no batteries needed. Made to keep going for 100,000 miles like an old Mercedes.

  • Four Jewelled Movement
  • Beech wood
  • Two large easy-to-read faces
  • Large, bright red Flags
  • Particularly attractive
  • A true mechanical clock that uses no batteries
  • 7 inch x 5 inch x 2 inch / l.2 lb in weight
  • Chess Baron Chess: Because we know you care – we care. Buy Peace of mind – Buy Chess Baron.


    German – Solid Wood – Reliable – Jewelled Movement