Novag Star Ruby Handheld Chess Computer




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This product from Chess Baron: Current Status: Failed RoHS Electrical Certification – currently unavailable. Novag’s slim-line touch screen portable electronic chess machine, with particularly high software strength program and wonderful ease of use, as well as plenty of features. Stronger computer chess engine than the Maestro. More than than 128 playing levels, 8,000+ position database opening book. The display shows board and pieces, and the software also gives analysis, evaluations and clock times, etc. Quality anodized metal 89x129mm body, screen size 62x70mm. Very good battery life. Contrast settings. Uses 3xAAA batteries. 160 BCF/1880 Elo!

  • New touch screen LCD chessboard
  • Pen input provides easy access to many game options and chess pieces cannot be lost.
  • Adjustable contrast.
  • Advanced high speed RISC processor chip with energy saving CMOS technology.
  • 112 preset playing levels.
  • Over 8,000 pre-stored database openings from Master Chess, with fascinating middle game and end game strategies.
  • Take Back (up to 104 half moves) function for easy correction of weak or wrong moves as well as HINT and REFEREE features if you need advice.
  • Position set-up for problem solving.
  • Programmed in accordance with the International Chess Rules, software knows en-passant moves, castlings and pawn promotion.
  • Check, Stalemate and Mate announcement.
  • Use 3 regular AAA batteries
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