Excalibur Talking Touch Screen Hand Held Chess Computer




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The best stylus operated portable handheld chess computer available and now with a backlight! Easy-read chess figures and a large LCD screen. The unit works just like expensive, hi-tech PDA with a very strong processor chip. Excalibur have utilised their ‘New York Times’ cache not just in name, but also in deed. It’s edited by Robert Byrne, the renowned chess columnist from The New York Times – who won 7 medals and represented his country 9 times in chess olympiads. It’s a deluxe multi feature chess computer that you can play against – or – with 500 game-improving puzzles, to hone your chess ability through working through the challenges. Dimensions are approx. 100mm by 140mm. The unit takes 2 AAA batteries. We believe this is the worlds best traveling electronic chess computer. It’s enclosed in an elegant but heavy-duty case that both protects and looks great. Packed with features you would expect from a software driven chess machine leader like Excalibur.

  • 136 levels for variable strength play
  • Beginners teaching mode
  • Estimates your tournament rating
  • Can choose the opening you want to practice
  • Stylus shipped in compartment in back of computer – also has wallet to store if preferred
  • Most readable chess figures ever on a pocket chess computer!
  • Large, clear LCD makes it easy to play
  • Estimated 2000 rating capable of beating 99% of all chess players on strongest settings
  • Voice vocabulary in three languages – English, French and German
  • 136 levels of play adjust from beginner to veteran tournament player
  • Sound effects and complete chess voice vocabulary
  • Specification