Chess Computer – The King Performance




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The new chess computer by German manufacturer Millennium. Light comfortable press-sensory real wood board with real wood chess pieces and a natural feel to the game. Each square has 4 corner LEDs to indicate which square to move from and which square to move to. All menus, aids and texts on the integrated 5-line display are displayed in 7 possible languages, all easily selected. Many strength settings suitable for beginning players and children through to Grandmasters. Hints, Warnings and training.

Techies: Maximum strength 2400 elo. Optionally switchable chess coach warns against bad moves, offers take-backs and makes suggestions for improvements.
Selection of different opening books. Via USB can save in PGN and load external PGN.


Square Size 4cm (1.6in). Playing Area 32cm (13in). Whole Board Size 43cm (17in) x 39cm (15in)