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Mains adaptor included in this price. A new, great-looking great-value club strength model, with levels for Tournament and Blitz play, as well as Beginner and Training settings. Designed for expert level chess players, this powerful computer is designed to challenge a players game and sharpen the game tactics – advancing you to new playing levels. With a vast library of openings and grandmaster moves, this model is not only challenging, but also gives the opportunity to learn from grandmasters first hand. Also has Coach and Study modes, capture and tactical alert warnings, hints, take-back etc. Display gives user-selectable info. incl. analysis, evaluations, clock times etc. Overall size 355x255mm. Est’d rating 170 BCF/1960 Elo.

  • Selective Search rating 169 BCF/1958 Elo
  • A Franz Morsch program running on a fast H8 RISC-style processor
  • Handy display for valuable game analysis, evaluations, clock times and other information
  • 64 time main control levels, plus style variations and coaching; also mate solving up to m/8
  • 200 x 200 mm playing area, overall dimensions 355 x 255mm
  • Other features include: 6,000 position Opening Book; Coach and Teaching modes, incl. Coach
  • Warning system against tactical blunders; piece storage compartment; game memory retention
  • 4 x C battery operated or included mains adaptor.
  • Specification