Saitek Master Chess Computer




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This product from Chess Baron: Mains adaptor included. Serious, very strong and very reasonably priced press sensory electronic chess computer. For the experienced chess computer community, the ‘master’ program is built on the Milano Pro program, which has been used for the former ‘Exclusive Senator’. The Saitek (Mephisto) chess computer is one of Saitek’s best and has a strong demand from chess players looking to improve. The computer has an ‘Info’ mode to see what the chess engine is looking at and why it is making the move – it also has a capacity where it shows many famous Grand Master moves to be able to study – a superb machine.

  • Price includes the adaptor
  • Rating set at 188 BCF/2111 Elo
  • Franz Morsch software
  • Database opening book has 50,000 positions
  • 64 playing levels plus coaching functions
  • Machine is for fairly strong players – lower levels are fairly strong.
  • Very good user-adjustable scrolling information display which assists in accessing functions, setting-up and verifying positions, as well as giving game position evaluations, forward analysis, clock times, etc.
  • Current game held in memory
  • Coach mode gives warnings for blunder and tactical alerts
  • 200 move Take back
  • Compartment for pieces, and has protective case
  • Playing area: 200 x 200mm. Overall: 340 x 260mm
  • Mains (adaptor included in price) or 6 x AA batteries for occasional use
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