The Novag Citrine Senator Chess Computer




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The Senator is an enhanced version of Novag’s new fully auto-sensory desktop model. The superb Citrine is now available with an exclusive set of ChessBaron special edition pieces that really do justice to a computer of this quality. Each one is individually tested and quality checked prior to delivery to ensure you get the very best. When a computer plays this well it deserves a high quality tournament set of pieces. Of course we’re sure the same is true of it’s human opponent! Rather than the standard chess pieces provided by Novag, we’ve developed a set of high quality pieces, weighted, very detailed and in solid Rosewood. You’ll also receive the standard set of pieces. The pieces are a Rosewood version of our X3001 set. The King is 3 inches high. They have better magnetism and result in a much better game. Many customers have said that the pieces transform the product. Here are some better pictures. Enhanced picture 1, Enhanced picture 2, Enhanced picture 3, Enhanced picture 4, Enhanced picture 5, Enhanced picture 6. We’re hoping that the enhancement will result in higher sales for the product, so we’ve pared the price of the enhancement right down to a level where the profit margin on the set of pieces is minimal. If you want to also include connection to your PC, there is a PC connector link lead supplied and will, with free downloadable Arena 1.99 program, allow you to play against any UCI program (Rybka, Hiarcs, Fruit etc), and also pass games to your PC, save games, convert games to pgn/ChessBase, etc. The mains adaptor included in this price. Here’s the full spec.

  • Hand carved solid rosewood weighted staunton chess pieces
  • Better magnetism in the rosewood chess pieces, a more positive play
  • Magnet sensor wooden chessboard (size 37 x 37 x 3.5 cm)
  • 81 LED lights to indicate each move, (each square has 4 LED indicators)
  • H8/300H RISC processor with 56Kbyt ROM, 3K Ram, 20 MHz
  • Detachable LCD screen for attaching and detaching at any point during the game
  • Menu access is via the chessboard
  • Will connect to the PC to print/store/follow games
  • 64 strength Level settings
  • Est. ECF rating 190, USCF 2350 (Manufacturer statement), or ELO 2200
  • Opening book with 24,000 halfmoves
  • Random, Easy, Sound, Game Review, Autoplay, Setup, Flip board functions
  • Operates with mains adaptor (included in this price).
  • And here is a superb idea from someone to build a Citrine table and he shows the enhanced ChessBaron pieces very well!
  • Buy Peace of mind – Buy Chess Baron.


    Mains Adaptor Included in this price