Novag Star Aquamarine Desktop Chess Computer




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This product from Chess Baron: With a new Teach Mode for novice players and an estimated 1850 elo rate to challenge you, the new star Aquamarine is a good high quality chess computer. It also has a two-person mode for which the computer acts as referee. It keeps track of score, mate in six moves, 12 move depth search, and stores games. An LCD screen also shows chess moves along with showing other useful information such as a count-down timer/clock. Here’s a better picture: Novag Aquamarine Chess Computer
Here’s the full spec:

  • Est. strength: 1850 USCF, or a UK 1640 Elo
  • Software Program is the Carnelian2
  • An easy to operate table-top chess computer with SENSOR TECHNOLOGY
  • Strong 4K bite ROM program with 736 byte RAM and system clock speed of 8 MHz
  • 128 different level settings
  • Check, Stalemate and Mate announcement
  • Very fast response time
  • Features include a Random Generator
  • Hint key, Referee Mode and Training mode
  • Take-back moves up to 25 times
  • Position verification and set-up mode for problem solving
  • Depth search: 12
  • Solves MATE problems in 6 moves
  • Games saved when unit switched off
  • Unit measurement: 31.4 x 25.2 x 2.6 cm
  • Power Supply: Battery (6xAA) or Adaptor (Novag Art. No. 1021) both not included
  • 1000 Hours Battery Life

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