Mughal Aftab Fretwork Chess Pieces




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Innovation throughout! Made in high quality sheesham wood these chess pieces have a basis of traditional staunton with a twist on the style to give the Aftab design. We haven’t seen this design in chess sets elsewhere. The chess set has significant attention to detail in their manufacture. The knight is the carrier of the staunton flag but with differences. The set isn’t appropriate for tournament play because of not adhering strictly enough to the Staunton chess style but retains enough of the design to be able to clearly distinguish between the pieces – the thinking behind the Staunton idea. The chess pieces shows intricacy in the carving of the faces, muscles and an important detail in quality chess pieces – the teeth. It’s rare to see chess pieces with such detail at this price. The chess board for these chess pieces should be 1.5 inch squares.


King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.4 inch Standard Weighted 26g

Balance: 0.33