Magnetic Luxury Travel with Board Chess Set 12 inch Squared





An exceptional travel magnetic chess set with a King at 2.5 inch high and a total weight of 1.9kg. The set measures 12 inch x 12 inch and is 1.6 inch thick. The set has an internal insert for each chess piece. The pieces are well finished with good attention to detail, and the attached, enclosing board is very high in quality. The set and it’s parts are finished very well and the inserts fit well with no sticking or rough parts. We have one of these in the office ready to pack away when the boss walks in – it’s our choice when the need is ‘on the go’. We sent Janet to the North Pole with this one, and it came back intact. Admittedly the chess pieces were now frozen on instead of magnetized – but it still did very well. There is a ball-bearing midway through the insert edge to keep the insert in it’s place, this operates smoothly and without any exertion needed to open or close. With many cheap travel sets on the market, this isn’t one of them – a very good value and high quality magnetic chess set. (And no – she didn’t even bring a polar bear back for us).


Superb 12 inch by 12 inch Sheesham and Whitewood Magnetic