Large Staunton – 6 inch King Chess Pieces




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Gosh – 6 inches? Eeek – what’s the weather like up there buddy? The 6 inch king takes the spotlight, but notice other aspects of the chess pieces too. The base of the king chess piece is small enough to be accomodated on a board with individual squares of 1.75 inches although if you prefer 2 inches that would be good too. The design of the King and Bishop chess pieces are highlighted by a series of mid discs, kind of Jupiter-esque. The Philippino style of chess piece comes through strongly in the rounded bases, which is strongest in the knight as it offsets it’s handsome sleek top. The Rook’s button-tiered style make this chess piece complement the set well. Playing chess with pieces that have some height is an enjoyable experience. With this set and it’s 6 inch king, the board doesn’t need to take up too much room, with a suggested 1.75 inch squares or maximum of 2 inches.


King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.8 inch. Double Weighted