Rosewood Cabinet with Rosewood Pieces




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This exquisite hand polished rosewood cabinet features a sliding top that is easily opened for a quick game of chess! Inside you will find green felt lining. What a lovely way to protect your pieces in between games! And the pieces? You can’t go wrong with these double weighted boxwood and rosewood chessmen that are durable yet beautiful. They even have green felt bottoms so they can “sneak” around the chessboard. Watch out as the knights bare their teeth at their opponent. A perfect gift for the chess player on the go, and what an impression your gift will make when the gift wrapping is torn off……. Board not included…..but we recommend a board with 2″ squares.


Sliding top rosewood cabinet with rosewood/boxwood chessmen, King Height 3.75 inch Base Diameter 1 5/8 inch Double weighted 77 g