Wooden Puzzle – Cup and Ball Game in Solid Sheesham




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The Cup and Ball game in solid sheesham and made to last over a lifetime. The idea of the Victorian toys cup and ball game is for young children to swing the wooden ball into the cup that is attached to a stick. Directions from an 1800s book describes the rule of the game:
‘A ball of ivory or hard wood is attached to a stem of the same substance, having a shallow cup at one end and a point at the other. The player holds the stem in his right hand and having caused the ball to revolve, by twirling it in between finger and thumb of his left hand, he jerks it up, and catches it, either in the cup or upon the spike to receive by which a hole is made in the ball.’ [Childrens Toys Thoughout the Ages by L. Daiken]


9 inches