Roman Theme Chess Set




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This product from Chess Baron: This classic design depicts a Roman Senator as King, a Roman lady as Queen and a Roman Tribune as Bishop. Very much a classic themed set in every sense of the word. Superb levels of detail.
A 3″ King with a base diameter of 1″.
The KING Portrays Julius Caesar, traditionally dressed in a Toga, the distinctive costume which remained fashionable throughout the whole of the Roman period.

Caesar had several wives, none of whom played any significant role in Roman history. The QUEEN, therefore, typifies a lady of noble birth in the dress of the period, (the Cloak or Palla, with its multiple folds which resulted in its extravagant length). The head-dress is also traditional, originating and modified from the original Greek.

The BISHOP is represented by the Standard Bearer carrying the insignia of the legion. He wears a Generals mantle over the coat of mail with its traditional bronze decorations.

The KNIGHT and PAWN are represented by a foot and equestrian soldier From this period and have been taken from the carvings on the base of the column of Antominous Pius in Rome.

The ROOK or CASTLE takes its form from the Capital of the columns of the Treatro Maritimo.
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Heavy Weighted in Crushed Stone. King Size 4 inches