Chamfered Triple Weight Staunton in Bud Rosewood Chess Set




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This chamfered base triple weighted luxury chess set is a beautifully carved traditional staunton flagship. The detail, weighting and balance of this luxury chess set is nothing short of remarkable. The knight has that trademark of excellence – gaps between the teeth betraying the excruciating exacting work in carving this piece. A single chess knight for this luxury chess set takes two days for one craftsman to produce from start to finish. The carvers of Amritsar in India are sought after for their skill, and here is the reason. The knight is finely carved with consistent detail and has a perfect weighting such that the feel of the piece in the hand is satisfying and feels sure and balanced as it moves (or more like – glides) from one square to another. The rook also has a beautiful feel due to it’s full mid-section and weighting contributing more than it should towards the beauty and nature of this luxury chess set. The king stand 4 inches high. The wood is bud rosewood which is the most sought after part of the rosewood tree, right at the base. Bud-rosewood chess sets have a colour to them which exudes beauty and richness for luxury chess sets. The board for this set should have squares of minimum 1.75 inches to a preferred 2 inches. This luxury chess set would be flattered with a gloss, rather than rustic design of board.


King Height 4 inch, Base Diameter 1.75 inch, Triple Weighted at 141g