Baron Ultimate Staunton in Ebony




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This is one of two flagship luxury chess sets of our entire range. This chess set is supplied by Chopra in India who originated this design. The wood is Ebony, the weighting is triple. The design of this luxury chess set is simply magnificent. We just love this set. The knight steals the applause with it’s designed rustic style and majestic pose to make a luxury chess set that has no equal. The staff at ChessBaron get no work done because of looking at this luxury chess set all day – they are now forbidden to touch it and they’re all covered up. The King of this luxury chess set is magnificent. The rook has such a rustic but slender style, and even the pawns are pefectly proportioned. This luxury chess set is a most beautiful tweak on the staunton style – we have never seen a more wonderful luxury chess set than this awe inspiring Napolean Knight! The board for this luxury chess set needs to be one with 2 inch squares to do justice to the piece sizes.


King Height 5.85 inch. Base Diameter 1.75 inch. Triple Weighted 127g.

Balance: 0.13