Majestic Staunton Triple Weighted in Ebony Chess Pieces




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This product from Chess Baron: The prized wood – Ebony. The luxury chess set is hand carved from Ebony wood and as with others of our range, this knight takes more than a whole day (nearer two…) to complete one single knight chess piece. The pawn really stands out, but just look at that Knight! A wonderful testament to dedication and skill, with it’s wonderful detail and ‘extra mile’ features. See the first picture and notice this Knight beauty. This luxury chess set is for traditional staunton lovers who discerningly seek beauty and symmetry. It says ‘discerning’, ‘different’, ‘bold’ all in the same set. The set will appreciate in value and be a heritage for future generations. The Queen and Bishop have attractive rings situated under the top section. The rook gives the luxury chess set it’s name in the way the top section is slightly inclined upwards to give an imposing appearance to the piece. The board for this beautiful set should have squares of 2 inch or larger, of which we have a good range available!
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King Height 4.5 inch. Base Diameter 1.8 inch. Triple Weighted 86g.

Balance: 0.21