decorative chess pieces in shiloutte form
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B* G*, Greensboro, NC.

I have just received my chess set and case this morning…it has far exceeded my expectations..!!! is beyond what I is simply beautiful..!!!!..several of my friends have come over to see it and they were all friend had what I perceived as tears in his eyes and when I asked him to tell me what was wrong, he told me that he just spent over $800.00 (US) for a set and mine felt and looked so much better than his..I was amazed to watch him feel the pieces one by one as he was so amazed…I told him long ago about you and now he wishes he had listened to me…I am having a brass plaque made for this case as it will be one of my family heirlooms to be handed down…I can not thank you enough….this set is marvelous….a lifetime keepsake.
Wishing you all of the best.