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Certificate of Authenticity

A Document of Quality

Every chess set design in our luxury range carries an official certificate of authenticity. ChessBaron is a respected industry expert on the manufacture of fine chess pieces, including the wood types used, their value and their durability. The certificate of authenticity provided by the company represents ChessBaron as official confirmed dealer and agent of the artisan of that specific chess design. The document details when and how it was produced and the name of the company involved in it’s production, including it’s title and dimensions. The document is official and can be confidently utilised in any subsequent resale of the product.

Certificate Format

The certificates of authenticity document details the following:

  • Materials used in manufacture
  • Weight of the king
  • Height of the king
  • Classification of weighting
  • The artisan for the design
  • The precise and official title of the design
  • (Optional) Value of the product for insurance valuation
  • Description of the set including any distinguishing factors of various pieces.

This is the kind of certificate we provide…

Please note that the insurance price recommendation, in most cases, is not the same price as the purchase price. Therefore the insurance valuation for the chess set purchase should generally allow for the cost of replacing the chess set from general chess stores. The insurance valuation will therefore be, in most cases, a price for the chess set which is substantially higher than the purchase price.

Certificate of Authenticity Layout

The document comes on official ChessBaron headed paper showing our established company logo and address. Since records have always been maintained of each chess item procured by our customers, enquiries can always be made in the future about a chess set or it’s authentication document via. the address on the document and on our chess set website.

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