Sherlock Holmes Chess Set





Berkeley Chess is delighted to bring this specially commissioned crushed marble Brown and White chess set depicting that world famous detective against his arch rival Professor Moriarty. Made in high quality materials and finished with a wonderful finish, the chess pieces are considered full size (King 3.5″). Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation has a place in our history and culture and is wonderfully recreated here. Felted and heavily weighted. Choose a chess board (not included) with 1.75″ or greater. The characters are:
White Side – King: Sherlock, Queen: Mrs Hudson, Bishop: Dr Watson, Knight: Wiggins & Toby, Rook: Inspector Lestrade, Pawn: Policeman
Black Side – King: Professor Moriarty, Queen: Irene Adler, Bishop: C A Milverton, Knight: Hounds of the Baskervilles, Rook: Col Morgan, Pawn: Thugs
King Height 3.5″