Chunky Staunton – Double Weighted Chess Pieces




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A superb chunky set of chess pieces. Love me love my double weighted Knight! This set is just right for a friendly game of chess.
This set is made from Sheesham and Chidar wood. Sheeham, when well carved like this set is, provides interesting highlights in the dark wood which can be clearly seen in the pictures of the Knight and the Rook. The use of Chidar wood provides a charming contrast with its cream color, fine grain and high natural polish.
With a 3.75 inch (9.5cm) King, these felted chess pieces are a good professional size. The board for this chess set should be at least 1.6 inch squares.
Just look at those Knights! How could these boys ever compete against each other? If they are not brothers, they must be cousins! But all is fair in love and chess, even when you are playing with relatives and friends…


King Diameter 1.4", King Height 3.75"