Baron Royal Chess Set




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One of our special designs – at 44g for the King this represents a well weighted unusual set of chess pieces that has an ornate design. Weighting matters. Cheap sets fail to have good auxiliary weighting which results in a unsatisfactory playing experience because of pieces falling over – not so with this double weighted chess design. All that thought into strategy and the pieces get knocked and you can’t remember the positions (a handy technique of you are losing). This set of double weighted chess pieces are of high quality not just because of the weight but also through the extra detail in the pieces. The Staunton design is solidly retained but the ornate intricate detail gives these chess pieces a flavour rarely seen in Staunton circles. The board for this set should have 1.75 inch squares.

NOTE: The chess board is not included – this is a separate purchase.


King Height 3.75 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Double Weighted 44g

Balance: 0.33