Concentric Ball in Rosewood Chess Set





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The largest of the concentric ball chess sets. The King is 5.5 inches high in this Bud Rosewood set of chess pieces. Because of this the balance value is quite high, but normal for chess pieces with this size of King. It’s a real delight to play with larger pieces if you have the room for it. With this chess set the base is not too large and only needs a chessboard with 1.75 inch individual squares. The design of the pieces are refreshing with a clear staunton influence but the chess pieces are enhanced by a mystic design interference. Come on – go with me on this…. the imagination behind this is quite remarkable, and whatever the craftsperson was ‘on’ worked well – wonder if there is any spare going… The set shows a flair of chess piece design with the detail of each piece exemplary. The pieces are all recognisable staunton but all have the eastern design as an enhancement. The chessboard for this set should have 1.75 inch individual squares.


King Height 5.25 inch. Base Diameter 1.5 inch

Balance: 0.43