Hand Decorated American Independence Chess




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The British King, George III, decided that he must help the disobedient colonists in North America realize how much they are loved – and to cease their refusal to submit to his authority and pay taxes to the British Crown. He sent his army, commanded by Lord Cornwallis to convey this love and subdue the revolutionaries. This stunning and outstanding chess set features the recognized historical characters of the period. George Washington, Betsy Ross, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere all played an important part in the struggle for independence. Skilled artists and sculptors have created this chess set to enable you to commemorate this major historical and pivotal event.

See this vid for a 360 degree view: American Independence Chess on YouTube


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Chess set pieces only – board not included, King Height 4.4", Queen Height 3.9", Bishop Height 3.6", Knight Height 3.3", Rook Height 2.9", Pawn Height 3.1"