The Bronte in Ebony Wood Staunton Chess Set





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The Bronte design is a luxury chess set which is unusual enough to be be regarded as different but also has authentic staunton as a major influence in the design. It’s available in bud rosewood or ebony. The style is Staunton. Here is an excellent example of luxury chess sets offered by Baron where innovation meets tradition. The knights have a solid staunton look but with accentuated muscles and a innovative neck. The museum ‘bust style’ of the back of the necks base is the design style which we believe to be quite outstanding and formed the basis of our commission. This set belongs in the Tate Museum – not in your home. Every piece is beautiful, but the knight rightly steals the show, another piece that takes two days for one single knight – the complete luxury chess set takes nearly three weeks to manufacture. The king is 4 inch in height and the set comes with two queens. The set is triple weighted and has leather undersides. We recommend a board with 2 inch squares.


King Height 4 inch. Base Diameter 1.8 inch. Triple Weighted 98g.

Balance: 0.19