The Michelangelo Ebony 6 inch King Staunton Chess Set




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Large pure ebony staunton based triple weighted, felted, double queened chess set that has the stamp of distinction, the authenticity of royalty and the design of Michelangelo. Well, OK, not actually Michelangelo, but as close as can be in this day and age. Look at the beauty of this wonderful example of the finest in chess sets, the mane design, the slender rings around the torso of each piece. The chess pieces are a delight to hold in the hand, and to put down only with the accompanying exclamation – ‘Checkmate’. It is large – you’ll need a board with 2 inch squares.


King Height 6 inch. Base Diameter 1.92 inch. Heavily Weighted at 161g! Board needs 2" squares.