The Nariman Chess Set in Rosewood




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Named after the famous district in India, this is another original ChessBaron design. Each chess piece is made from a substantial piece of wood, heavily weighted and designed to show off the unique grain of the rosewood. The Kings finial and the queens spire reflect the architecture of Nariman. And notice the queens elegant carving….her crenellated crown is reminiscent of the battlements or ramparts built around the the top of castles with gaps for firing arrows or guns. She is well prepared to defend her King! Even the knight opens his mouth, thirsty for war! This is a truly dominating force on the chessboard. We recommend a board with at least 2 inch squares. Double Queens too.


King Height 4 1/2 inch Base Diameter 1 15/16 inch Weight 114g. Board needs 2" squares.