Reproduction Antique Triple Weighted, Felted Chess Set – Red/White




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The Red/White version of pre-staunton antique reproduction. The red and white combination is slighly more authentic of the era. Although contemporary society generally prefers natural wood, the early 18th Century preferred painted chess pieces – with Red and White among the most preferred. Staunton’s style was from 1850 onwards. The staunton design was taken from earlier influences – this reproduction luxury chess set is a particularly popular design of the early 19th Century and one of the major influencers of Nathaniel Cook’s design with the approval of the Howard Staunton as the world champion. The pieces are weighted, felted and have generous dimensions according to the early design and the manufacturer has taken pains to research the design to adhere to the original. Although early Staunton designs had no weight and no felt, Cook along with his manufacturer Jaques, saw the value of weighted sets and felted bottoms and added these enhancements quickly. This set has the improved weight and felt included. The Bishop design in this set was a common design of the time, later Staunton’s changed to the reduced opening of the piece we generally know today. The board square size should be with 1.75 inch squares.


King Height 4.25 inch. Base Diameter 1.6 inch. Triple Weighted 95g. Board needs 1.75" to 2" squares.