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The design range and quality of our chess set and chess computer range has earned us an enviable reputation that is rapidly creating worldwide renown. Our Staunton chess sets are all hand carved by skilled artisans producing a quality that has been tested by thousands of customers. ChessBaron was the first retailer to provide an official certificate of authenticity on all our luxury chess range.


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We've grown organically through sincere personal customer service. With sets or computers priced from as little as $10 through to $695, we are sure to have something to suit every checkbook as well! So whether you are sitting on a cold and windy sidewalk in New York or sunning away the day in LA, you'll be pleased to find yourself using a ChessBaron chess set or mastering the game through a chess computer.

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Note: If you're in England - try our store for chess software, chess sets there. It's the largest in Europe. We also have ChessBaron branches in Canada and France.

So What Do We Have?
Examples from the ChessBaron Range: Luxury   (MidPriced  |  Economy)

X2029: Heavy Steel and Copper Chess Set
We don't do many metal chess sets, because we only want to do the best. This art deco style steel and copper chess set is outstanding. If you're into heavy metal music why not compliment your music collection with this heavy metal chess set? This one draws constant comments of admiration from all who see the innovative design.

X2003: Lotus Carved Weighted
Peace Man! Focus on the Lotus. It'll all seem better and a little meditation will improve your chess game too. Believe. You have to believe. Actually this chess set is a traditional design that goes back a long way, the Lotus chess design is time proved to help you with aches and pains - no, no, we mean to help your chess game. Proven to help your chess game.

XX2005: Reproduction Antique - John Calvert Chess Pieces
This is how chess pieces used to look before the Jaques-Staunton hatchet job - now everything has to look similar. Ahhhh... those were the days, when we weren't constrained to queen's coronets and bishops with its mitre, rooks with its ballistrade, etc. Oh well, all for the best no doubt. But this pre-staunton reproduction is a great example of chess sets with unconstrained artistic flair.

XX2001: Reproduction Antique Triple Weighted, Felted Chess Set in Rosewood
The worst thing about pre-staunton chess sets was that they were typically not weighted, so all the artistic flair in the world resulted in pieces that easily fell over. Ahaa! This chess set combines the best of both. Triple weighted, the mark of better sets, along with the pre-staunton design that harks back to a beautiful time of playing chess with sets like this and also having gowns as in long flowing gowns such as in Pride and Prejudice.

XX2002: Reproduction Antique Triple Weighted Chess Set in Red and White
Red and White?? Why red and white? Well, that was the preferred coloring for chess sets that had any color in pre-staunton days. This reproduction design holds closely to the design of the day - a beautiful example of pre-staunton chess design.

X3005: Stallion Knight Chess Bud Rosewood Set 3.5" King
The Stallion comes in a number of guises, this is the 3.5" King version in BudRosewood, the best of woods. Bud Rosewood is from the root of the Rosewood tree, the rarest part but also the part that has rich deep colorings perfect for luxury chess pieces.

X2009: Kings Cross Camel Bone Chess Set
Poor old camel - but at least it gets some form of immortality in a Baron chess set - which is more than could be said for most of us. But if you'd like to be remembered in this special way, just let us know. Camel Bone chess sets have a traditional place in Chess Piece architecture. Camel Bone sets have appeared in several movies, notably in a prominent way in West Wing, where for a whole episode Jed Bartlett showed his prowess in chess play using Camel Bone Chess Sets.

X2026: Heavy Brass Chess Set
We only do two metal chess sets and this is the outstanding set. After a worldwide search for brass chess sets, we found a supplier that makes this outstanding set of chess pieces - take a look, it's a wonderful set and feels great in the hand.

X2008: Stallion Knight 4 inch King Triple Weight
The full 4" Stallion - a fine example of chess sets that are solidly staunton. Triple weighted, felted, beautiful. When a knight shows it's teeth, ya know it's a great set. And this one is a great set of pieces.

X2012: Chamfered Base Triple Weight Chess Set in Bud Rosewood
A perfect Staunton, 4" King, Triple Weighted. Beautifully manicured Knight with every piece groomed accordingly. Difficult to do much better than this one other than getting into innovative chess piece design.

X2013: The Bronte Ebony Chess Set
Actually we stole this one from The Getty Museum, we liked it so much that we knew it would make a perfect addition to our innovative range. Don't tell them - we love it so much. And don't buy it, we'll have to lift another one.

X2021: The Bronte Bud Rosewood Chess Set
Difficult to know which one to like best, the solid traditional Ebony or the Richly Colored Bud Rosewood. This one was lifted from the MOMA in San Francisco, so we'd really prefer if you bought something else, we don't want to go in search of another.

X2014: The Supreme in Bud Rosewood
Just look at the clean lines of this beauty. The supreme is a wonderful design of a traditional staunton chess set with something added that can't be had with a plain old Jaques. Compare the two side by side - which seems alive, which has soul? The supreme is outstanding. Why do you find it so alluring? Because it's close enough to be a perfect Staunton chess set, yet has something in the design to give it life.

X2020: The Royal Knight Chess Set in Ebony
With its perfectly quaffed hair style - this Knight is so confident in its good looks that you might have difficulty sacrificing it to save your King - it may well feel that it is the King. Elvis, that is. But chess is about sacrifice, blue suede shoes or not... You serve at his majesty's pleasure Mr Knight.

X3024: Royal Shock in Ebony
Named from the unruly mane of hair, this knight takes the cake in the detail of the knight. From the bridle to the nostrils, to the teeth and much more, this knight is the man. Hey Mr Knight - 'You the Man...'

X2019: The Ultimate Ebony Chess Set
One of ChessBaron's oldest designs from Chopra in India, the Ultimate is simply Ultimate. With its 6" King, the Ultimate is a chess set that makes you want to look and look, touch and touch again. We now have a restaining order. See the Pictures, the Knight is the most wonderful Knight we've ever seen. Whichever of the four seasons, 'Oh what a Knight'. Oh, sorry Guys, you other pieces are super cool too!

X3019: The Ultimate Bud Rosewood Chess Set
Same as above but in the rich color of Bud Rosewood. The ultimate is sold in other stores too, but we don't know of any that are better priced than ours. The set is one of the certified designs of Chopra of India.

X2028: The Earl Anthony Triple Weighted Chess Set in Bud Rosewood
For some chess set types, it's difficult to convey the beauty and majesty of some products. This is such an example. These inadequate words cannot convince you of the beauty of the wonderful set. Have faith - you can always return it if you didn't agree - but you won't return it, it'll become a loved part of the family immediately it's unwrapped. It lives and breathes and has a transfixing element that draws you into its spell. If you're looking for Staunton with a very light impressionist smudge - you've found it.

X2018: Bridled Knight Triple Weight in Bud Rosewood
Another in the 'most excellent' group, the Bridled Knight is a set of chess pieces with proportion, balance and detail that is unsurpassed. It represents the finest in craftsmanship available in the world.

X3018: Bridled Knight Triple Weight Chess Set in Ebony
Same as the above chess set in Ebony, the Knight turns out superbly in the traditional Ebony wood. A prize. Keep your eyes on the Prize.

Examples from the ChessBaron Range: Mid Priced   (Economy  |  Luxury)

M2003: Coiled Orthodox Weighted Chess Set
If you can't make it to Church, just play with this set, it'll make you feel as if you're there. You could even open in prayer, but make sure its not one-sided huh? He has no favoritism. The chess set is unlike any we've seen, slightly weighted, very well carved, tasteful in design.

M2006: The Baron Royal
A double weighted ornate design so obviously influenced by Staunton is hard to come by. The fret work in the chess pieces are unusual and show to good effect in this mid priced chess set.

M2023: Magnetic Luxury Travel Chess Set with Board
A very high quality travel chess set - our best by far. Not just better quality construction than any travel chess set we've seen, but also better construction than many non-travel chess sets. The board can be tipped upside down and the pieces will stay in place. A ball-bearing in the drawer prevents the drawer coming out as carried. A great set either on its own or as a compliment to a larger Staunton chess set.

M2008: Tournament Staunton 4 inch King Chess Set
Another great Rosewood Triple Weighted, Felted staunton design for a knockdown price. Rosewood is the wood used for the dark side and boxwood (or chidar) used for the white side. Excellent value for money.

M2015: Magnetic Lacquered 6 inch x 12 inch Chess Pieces and Board
If you're thinking of space travel in the near future, this would be a great set to take along. Or Everest. Magnetic chess sets have come a long way over the last few years. They used to be poorly magnetized and generally poor quality. This example of a travel chess set is quite outstanding. The chess pieces are well crafted in Rosewood and the magnet securely hidden in the base - they just look like good quality chess pieces - but they are magnetized. That's the first outstanding part. Then the board has a heavy gloss finish that looks great and is very thick and moderately heavy. All in all, a very good quality travel chess set.

M2024: Monarch Staunton Rosewood Chess Set
Generously sized staunton chess set, double weighted and beautifully architectured bishop all done in Rosewood. Ooooh, we love our Staunton, and this is a great example and very low priced too.

M2026: The Morgan - Double Weighted Rosewood
Superb Rosewood Double Weighted set. Check out the pawns - very nice and often the indicator of a great set where attention is given to the design of all the pieces not just the Knight. Also note the King Diameter of 1.6" - this means that a board of 1.75" squares is fine, yet there is a full size King.

M2032: Highest Quality Combination Chess Set
Most combination chess sets are economy lines that lack quality. Not so with this one. The chess pieces are double weighted, and the set has double queens. The manufacturer has accomplished something quite rare - a fairly large set that comprises chess board, case and pieces together but that doesn't compromise on quality in any way. This is one of our best sellers and is often bought as a gift.

M2030: Hannah Grand Staunton Chess Set
This triple weighted beauty is outstanding. These midpriced sets are very good value among our inventory, especially the ones towards the more expensive end of the mid priced section - we have to draw the line somewhere as to which go in the luxury section and which stay in the mid priced. This could easily be in the luxury part - it's a fully featured Knight with all the features normally seen in expensive chess sets. Take a look.

M2027: Executive Luke Staunton Chess Set
The happiest Knight in the whole world - the manufacturer must have been feeling good the day he designed this one. There's something unusual about the Rook too - check it out. The rings around the top add to its appeal. Agree?

M2031: Filipino Staunton - 6 inch King Chess Set
Very large chess set that doesn't just have the 6" King - the pawns are huge too. The Knights have an Art Deco appeal to them, bold striking lines that would be at home in a traditional or contemporary home. Great for display, and a board with 2" squares will suffice.

Examples from the ChessBaron Range: Economy   (MidPriced  |  Luxury)

E2006: Cute Staunton Chess Set in Sheesham Wood
Cute design for an economy set. Might unduly affect your desire to capture the knight during the game though. Watch the on-board flirtations. Remember - chess is serious!

E2003: Contemporary Modern chess set
If you like a modern look to your chess, this might be the one. Now we've learned what 'contemporary' means, it fits this chess set perfectly. Here's another big word - innovative. Now, where's the dictionary?

E2007: Classic Staunton Double Weighted
We don't know of another place you could get a double weighted staunton chess set for this price. A word about woods. Sheesham is where our chess sets start - not cheap sets in the cheapest of woods (reconstituted ply) that can be bought in low price superstores. Sheesham is part of the rosewood tree and makes for good quality economy sets. This is a great example and weighted too. Did we mention weighted?

E2009: Staunton Popular Triple Weight Chess Set
Popular it is - and popular it should be. Its triple weighted. Beautifully proportioned rook and every other piece follows suit. The weight classification is difficult to come by in chess sets for less than $150, here's one for a fraction of that. This line regularly goes out of stock - don't hang around too long.

E2013: Weighted Russian Special with 4.25 inch King
A little larger King (although we have many more very large King chess sets) makes for a great game if you have the room. Oooh, that Knight looks so moody huh? Be careful not upset her - she looks ready to recoil and fatally strike, ya just wanna make sure its the opposition, not you whose throat she goes for.

E2015: Russian Classic 3 inch King Chess Set
Take a look at the Bishop on this chess set - strong, bold design lines that nicely go with the coy Knight design. Some Prima Donna's in this chess set to be sure. 'Now we're all on the same side Guys, they're the opposition'!

E2019: Self Stored Chess Set including Pieces
A great little combination set. The thickness of the wood and definition of the pieces sets this example apart from those cheap reconstituted wooden chess sets that weigh nothing. This combination chess set is heavy and surprisingly large - all made out of Golden Rosewood. Yeah!

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