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    The Mandarin Weighted Ebonised Chess Set (E2105)

    Beautiful Eastern designed set of chess pieces with a good weight and size. Unusually each piece is the same base diameter making for a stunning equal distribution across the board or mat, and meaning a fair size of square is needed. King is 4" high and each piece is 1.1" ...

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    The York Chess Set (M2111)

    The York chess pieces. Ebonized modern take on chess, and what an innovative design this is from their professional product design team. Clean lines and an ergonomic design. Each piece can be placed in several positions and particularly with the pawns, there is no base, they ...

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    Concentric Ball in Rosewood Chess Set (M2025)

    The largest of the concentric ball chess sets. The King is 5.5 inches high in this Bud Rosewood set of chess pieces. Because of this the balance value is quite high, but normal for chess pieces with this size of King. It's a real ...

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    Rollup Thick Leather Chess Case, Mat and Weighted Chess Pieces (E2047)

    High quality thick leather archer case. Comprises case/container, sumptuous leather chess mat and high quality double weighted staunton wooden chess pieces perfectly colored for the leather chess mat. Sumptuous, luxury feel. Move on from wood chess boards. Leather is nicer ...

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